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Welcome to Bord Waalk

Bord Waalk (or Bird Walk if ye divvent knaa hoo te’ taak proppa) is a trail of public sculptures inspired by the bird-life found around the Amble coast. The artworks have been created by nationally and internationally renowned artists, each bringing something unique and very special to the area.

The trail comprises of 16 bords, not all of which are physical, to experience the virtual, poetry and sound pieces – you will need to download our app which also gives additional information on the artists and a location map.

A photo of a sculpture in the shape of a sphere with a sunset sky behind.

Don’t Forget to Download the App

Image of a phone running the Bord Waalk App

How to Get Here

You can find Amble along the beautiful Northumberland coast. If you take the A1 and turn off East at Causey Park junction Amble will be signposted from there.

Once you arrive at Amble you can start anywhere you like along the Bord Waalk trail as there’s no definitive start or end, just get the app on your phone and have a wander.

Turner St Car Park


Postcode: NE65 0DH

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